For Beneteau Clients

Structure and mission

An extensive network of 4000 dealers covering the three commercial regions:

- America
- Europe
- Rest of the world (EM & APAC) Emerging markets & Asia Pacific

A competent network, continuously trained and connected (Partner Network system).

A strong culture of local support and responsiveness

The shared desire to offer irreproachable service to our customers

1. When to use it?
When the local service is deficient or insufficient.

2. Who can activate the Red Line scheme?
All official dealers in the Bénéteau group around the world.

3. How does it work?
- A dedicated, unique telephone number to initiate the process.
- Case recorded in the Volvo Action Service (VAS) system.
- Preliminary analysis of the issue.
- Triggering of suitable corrective measures.
- Case published online in the real-time monitoring system.
- Verification of completed work.

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